The track plan shown elsewhere on this website was drastically changed in 2005. The old and new plans are shown below side by side. The new plan on right is as displayed for the NMRA Convention 2006. The large hidden loop, stub end yard and the city scenery above it were eliminated. This allowed a more generous entry and also fits TWO cars under the layout vice one. The cars are each 47.8 inches high and the bottom of the bench work is 49.3 inches.

Pre-2006 Left side "bridge" over car. Crowded entry.
2006 Track Plan - Left side hangs from ceiling, Larger enrty.
52 visitors arrived on the first bus so not all could fit in the building at the same time.
Once inside everyone got a chance to see up close and take photos.

Layout Photo Tour and Info

NMRA Independence Junction Layout Tour at HP&H

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